The Radiant Heat Experiment (on a seriously low budget)

Designed for larger homes, this tankless water heater has more power and can provide you with enough hot water for use in both your bathroom and kitchen, and it can actually provide enough hot water for use in more than one bathroom. Though the box makes it look like a larger water heater, it actually has a compact size that is a fraction of the size of other tankless heaters. Many shoppers love EcoSmart tankless water heaters because each one has such a great design that will please the eye of anyone who walks by and anyone who uses it. That design features a solid black front with a digital screen on the top and a silver knob on the bottom. It requires just volts of power, which allows it to work with a standard circuit breaker, though it also requires three 40 breakers too. The silver knob on the front makes this incredibly easy to use too because you simply press the button to turn the water heater on and off. Another helpful benefit is that you can rotate the knob in one way to increase the heat and in the opposite direction to decrease the heat, and the digital screen on the front of the water heater has a backlit display that lets you view the temperature, even when the lighting conditions are poor or low.

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Chris, You have mutually exclusive goals. If you don’t want to break your wallet, then you certainly should NOT install a “geothermal” system that is, a ground-source heat pump. What’s it going to cost you? If you buy a more affordable heating system, you can take all of the money you saved and invest it in air-sealing work, more insulation, or better windows. You’ll end up with a tighter house that uses much less energy.

The way that I will hook it up in my house: There will be gal gas water heaters that are side by side. You want to make sure that you have not only the exhaust capacity, but also the fresh air capacity.

Should water heater wiring ever get warm to the touch? Should this wiring strategy be OK? Not grounding an electric water heater is an absolute “no way”! Do you feel suicidal every time you take a shower? While you do have a 3rd wire in the cable, it is colored white which is reserved for neutral wires. The NEC does allow re-identifying wires to be used as equipment ground with green color but only if the wire gauge is 4 or larger. Ensuring that the electric water heater is properly grounded is every bit as important as addressing the temperature of your wires.

The wires are most likely is not 10 given how warm the wires are getting. Hopefully they are at least 12 since that is minimally required for 20A. Ideally one of the black wires in your cable should be re-identified with red tape on both ends that may not be an actual code requirement but helps to make it clear to anybody looking at the circuit that there are two different V legs present. Should i open the circuit breaker panel to see if the white is running to ground or neutral?

If there is only one panel, it will be a main panel and inside the main panel neutral and ground are bonded together this is the one and only place where it is both permitted and required to connect equipment ground and neutral. Often inside main panels you find neutral and ground wires connected to the same bus bars which probably goes against good workmanship rules.

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Find top models to buy for point of use service with the main features. Check out the best selling tank-type and tankless models and buying tips for worry-free shopping experience. It is also known as an instant water heater for sink, or under counter water heater, where the main advantages include space, water and energy savings when properly installed and used. It works perfectly as a single unit, combined with the distant whole-house tank-type unit or installed in-line with an existing tankless water heater, as a buffer, reducing the “cold water sandwiching”, delivering hot water fast.

Tankless type does not contain the water storage tank, but is providing an endless supply of hot water, while the tank-type has a limited capacity.

less water heaters, but it doesn’t solve another: the fact that a hot water. The quicker the tank gets back up to temperature, the shorter the flame burns, The best thing about a tankless water heater is probably the peace of mind it affords. Your supply of hot water is endless, but.

Using a generator to make electric is just too inefficient to consider in my opinion. Tankless is great for both minimalistic and off-grid living not only because of energy savings but also because of the space savings. Reply Karin March 29, at 6: I keep a bucket heater for heating water. A bucket heater is inexpensive and takes up little space.

John Anderson October 27, at 9: I like that it will heat up to where I want the water to be. You can get more for the amount of propane that you use too. Reply Alane January 21, at 4: How about the water temperature vs.

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Keep scrolling, gentle reader. This mirror is 6. There is no choice in frame color because it actually has an interesting design whereby there is no frame. The best description for it is that it looks like a short, wide dogtag hanging from a hook.

The bottom line is to have your wiring corrected prior to hooking up any generator, they are designed to be utilized with the correctly wired standardized loads and it is very risky attempting to figure out incorrect wiring in order to hook up a generator.

Check Price on Ebay 6. It can bring up the temperature of the pool and help maintain a more comfortable temperature for swimming and relaxing. The design helps protect the pump itself from overheating and becoming damaged, so it will shut off if the pump starts to get too hot. This will help it stay the right temperature and not cause damage to itself. Made from a galvanized steel case, this is asturdy and dependable heat pump.

It has an LCD screen to display temperature information and allow you to control the settings easily. It uses smart self-diagnosing technology to stay at its best and monitor the system to issues as they happen. You can control everything on a simple digital display with controls. The design for this heater uses gas responsibly and creates very low emissions that meet standards in many low NOx regions. This gas unit is designed to be efficient and reliable, with polymer headers and nickel heat exchangers for durability and long-lasting value.

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The tank is gas heated and the gas consumption goes down to near zero in winter. However, we’re only two and don’t use huge amounts of hot water. The best configuration is to use an unconnected electric tank and connect the cold water input to this first unheated tank. The de-superheater heat exchanger then goes into the bottom of this tank.

Keep your water warm with a new electric water heater from Sears. Whether it’s warm water for a shower or doing the dishes, an electric hot water heater will deliver the water you need at the temperature you want.

It wants to float to the top of cooler water. Cool water is heavy and wants to fall. If you have a loop that projects upwards, the cool water wants to fall down the loop while the hot water goes up. Gravity fuels the motion. Complete The Loop It works in this fashion in your house. This is your hot water piping distribution system which begins at your water heater and ends at the farthest fixture which requires hot water. If you were to install copper piping leading back from the farthest point and from other high points in the existing system, you’d have a loop.

This return loop pipe connects into the bottom of the water heater. Slow Flow The flow of water through the loop is very slow. It doesn’t need to be fast.

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Variable heat control Safety: The user programmable heat control allows you to choose whether you want to use the maximum heat available to warm up the whole room, or if you only need a little heat to warm up a tent. So that you can enjoy maximum safety, this heater will protect you against any non-ignition fuel that may discharge as it features a safety shut-off valve. The wave heater itself does not require any fan or blower as it uses a radiant heating method instead.

This means that you can benefit from a quiet operation and low noise levels.

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey explains how to create zones in a hot-water heating system. Steps: 1 Turn off cold-water line to boiler; shut the electricity to boiler. 2 Drain water from boiler, if there’s no floor drain remove water with electric pump.

Some folks in warmer spots may even be able to get a third running without issues. This Takagi will have no trouble in cold climates, unlike many other inexpensive gas units. In fact, the only complaints we could find about this model had to do with the installation costs, which are about on par with other gas units. Previous buyers also complimented the easy, quick installation process. Most folks said it works perfectly from the first use.

The most impressive thing is how thin it is. This one should go for years without issues. If you have a medium-sized household in a cold spot, the Rinnai will give you more wiggle room when winter rolls along.

How to Create Zones in a Hot-Water Heating System

Brand new water heater: Starts hot, then water gets cold after few seconds [ 9 Answers ] We just moved into a brand new condo which has its own water heater. We went to take a shower this morning and the first few seconds of the shower were very hot, then it went cold after 10 seconds. We tried again after half an hour, same thing. There was enough hot water for my husband to shave but The whole house has copper supply lines.

Yes, circulating hot water is definitely tougher on the water heater than heating up cold water and not having it recirculated. It is important to maintain the water heater annually (flushing). If there are a lot of minerals in the water a water filtration/treatment system is needed: drip phosphate or water softener.

Now your ready to know how to use solar power to heat your pool. Find area of the pool that receives the most light. Determine loop and grid. Figure out where to lay the pipe. Keep in mind that the roof of a blacktop garage will run lots of heat. Run a continuous loop of the tubing from the pool to a series of parallel lines, interconnecting PVC tubing throughout the grid loop. They both use the sun to preheat the water that is then fed into your regular water heater.

The advantage of using a tank system is that the water held in the tank often has enough weight to allow the heated water to flow into your water heater as well as new, unheated water to flow into the roof tanks without additional pumping. The obvious disadvantage is that such a heavy system could require reinforcement of the roof against the sheer weight of the system as well as against wind, as the tank enclosure tends to be a high profile construction.

While eliminating or reducing the weight and wind issues of the tank system, the hose system has its own concerns. While the tank system utilizes tanks in a protective enclosure, the hoses in a hose system are exposed to the elements and might not last as long as a tank system. The second issue is that without a great deal of water weight being concentrated in any one place, pumping is the only option to cycle fresh water into the system.

This depends on your location. If you are living in an area that does not get a lot of sun but does get sun during noon but in a particular direction it is very important to have your solar water heater panel facing that direction.

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Tankless A tutorial for the homeowner and the professional The Basics Tankless water heaters have been sweeping the nation with a huge growth over the last 10 years or so. These are water heaters that do not have a tank. Many of the larger tankless companies have seen their sales grow by hundreds of percent each year! These compact units mount on a wall either inside or even outside the house and supply hot water on demand literally without end! The Europeans have been heating water with tankless heaters for years.

Even the big tank water heater companies have tried to jump on board by partnering with larger Japanese companies to have units private labeled for them More on this later Tankless water heaters are available in electric natural gas and propane fired models.

Tankless water heaters cost up to three times more than storage heaters — from less than $1, for an electric, whole-house model to $3, for a gas-powered .

Southern California I think you can end up with something very similar to what “the Ipeman” achieved by connecting up both a tankless water heater and a standard tank water heater in series. You connect them with the tankless unit first. This would be essentially equivalent to a standard tank water heater with an increased the recovery rate or first hour rating. Another way to think of it is the tankless unit is acting as a supplemental hot water system that supplies pre-heated hot water to the tank unit.

A supplemental solar hot water system, for example, would work the same way. The unanswered question so far is how to set the thermostats in the two so one does not assume all the load. I think we will have to experiment some but my guess is that the thermostat on the first one should be set lower than the second one. This is a great question. I would tend to generally agree with Bob regarding the thermostat setting. At the very least, lowering the maximum temperature of the upstream unit would lower the change of inadvertently generating scalding water.

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Feb 16, comments The Radiant Heat Experiment on a seriously low budget The house rebuilding project is going well. A picture from just this morning: Here is the new living room and the kitchen around the corner in the back. Old ceiling height was at the bottom of that steel beam.

Water heater piping installation & connections: Here we describe the plumbing connections and piping options for hot water system hook-ups. We explain the piping for a basic water heater installation compared with options for connecting hot water heaters in parallel, in series, or ganged.

Keep in mind that well pumps are volt. Well water pump systems have all three of these components and are complicated devices. NEVER work on a well pump switch without disconnecting the power supply. The most common question we receive from tankless water heater users on well water systems is fluctuating temperature when using their hot water. This is usually in an eight to ten degree temperature range which is most noticeable when taking a shower. After many hours of research and testing in our Indiana facility with an actual well water system, the EZ Tankless technical team believes that they have solved this common problem for most persons using a tankless water heater on a well and pump water delivery system.

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