How to register an imported car in the UK

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DVLA and Legislation

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Aug 05,  · A friend and I have just purchased an Ariel VH2 which I’m trying to get registered with the DVLA. We have 2 dating certificates from Draganfly Motorcycles, one for the frame which states a date of manufacture of February , and one for the engine which states a date of manufacture of September

In black with Japanese characters on the tank and a brown seat it looks super cool. It’s so handsome you’re tempted not to ride it because you enjoy looking at it so much. But ride it you must, and you get to relish in its light weight and flickability while bystanders enjoy the view. This bike is a model. Once it has passed this test, it can be registered in the normal way. We can help with this. It not only looks cracking with its twin shocks and long, low seat but it delivers beyond expectations in terms of power and control Here we have a lovely example of the breed.

Other than a repair on the left engine cover and a tiny flaw on the tank it is wonderful. The paint, frame, seat, engine and exhaust are very fine. It is rare to find a Kawasaki TR in blue s we are delighted to be able to present this to you.

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Registrations fall into two categories 1st Registrations for vehicles that have never been registered in the UK before V Scheme for owners with Documentary evidence to claim back an old UK number plate Please read below and choose the one which is relevant to you. Address for all Registration applications is: LCGB will replace out of date letters, providing they are post 1st July , without the need to supply further rubbings or photos. Any letters pre July , which will be in the old format, and ones which have other changes ie:

Restored in and presented in beautiful condition, this most desirable of post-war BSAs is offered with a dating certificate, DVLA correspondence, sundry restoration invoices, a quantity of expired MoT certificates, photocopy old V5, and old/current V5C documents.

But it will not be as simple as we might have expected. Keepers with unexpired VED on that date will then be able to claim a rebate from the date of notification of the change, using Form V However, for reasons of avoiding fraud, DVLA have decided that it is now necessary that on any sale of a vehicle with an unexpired tax disc, the VED registration expires and a new one has to be sought.

DVLA advise that only one third of vehicles sold second-hand actually have unexpired tax discs. But given that a very significant proportion of the overall sales will be by commercial organisations, such as hire companies and fleet owners, who tend to sell at the end of a given year of ownership, it seems evident that a much greater proportion of private vehicle sales, especially of cars, will have an unexpired tax disc.

The need for the new keeper to apply at the outset for a new disc will increase the effort involved in a second-hand vehicle purchase. It is likely that a significant proportion of sales of historic vehicles will be affected by this change. You will note I have referred to the tax disc, because DVLA currently say that all vehicles are covered by this need, even if they are exempt, and no VED is in fact payable. The purpose of the need for the renewal process is not currently clear, as DVLA will gain knowledge of the new keeper through the V5C transfer process, continuous insurance will be in force and DVLA has direct knowledge of the existence of an MoT Certificate where one is required for the vehicle.

The Federation has questioned the justification for the proposed process, but at the moment members should be aware of the likelihood that that is what will happen. There are two more remote issues, both concerning London, of which you should be aware. The London Councils are proposing to ban lorries over 18 tons from entering their area if they do not have side bars and additional mirrors, to enhance cycle safety.


Actually, says Stu Thomson, it’s quite straightforward. Here’s his handy guide The final part of rebuilding my little 98cc Gilera was to register the vehicle in the UK as it was an import from Italy. It was purchased without any paperwork to enable the year of manufacture to be determined.

Hello everyone I am new to the forum as I have just got myself a brockhouse corgi and I am hoping someone can help me with how I go about getting a dating certificate for it so I can get a replacement number plate from dvla as the 1 it came with is no longer on dvla system.

Well there is still a chance that your car was built in the previous year, and DVLA accommodate this situation also. DVLA will accept a dating certificate from BMIHT Gaydon, which shows the actual date of manufacture from the archived Rover production records as evidence that the car was made in the previous year.

You as the vehicle owner would have to gather this evidence yourself and send it to them as proof. Details of how to apply for a dating certificate are given at the bottom of this article. You can do this in person at a Post Office that deals with Vehicle Tax. Then sign in section 8. According to the DVLA, on application your V5c must show a date of first registration 40 years prior to the 1st January in the qualifying year.

However the concession mentioned above will mean that cars registered up to and including 7th January will qualify. Remember you can only make the application on or after the date your car becomes VED exempt, so 1st April or after in the qualifying year. If you have tax on the vehicle at the time of application you will automatically receive a refund for each full month remaining.

DVLA Dating certificates

BMW frame and engine numbers on Phil Hawksleys website. Plus loads of other BMW info. If the bike is known to the DVLA, then just apply for a duplicate registration document. Failing that, it is possible to recover the original registration number under the V scheme, details of which can be had from the VMCC Library.

Most of my recent original and age related registration applications have been rejected by DVLA. Cases which up to 6 months ago would have sailed through are now rejected.

What do the initials mean? RF60 or VE60 — the old style buff or green card log books phased out in the s when vehicle records were computerised. RF60 log books were still being issued several years after the Road Fund ceased to exist. Nowadays, the correct name for the amount payable for a tax disc is Vehicle Excise Duty. Those relating to vehicles generally start with V.

V5 — original computerised vehicle registration document. V5s were phased out in in favour of the current V5C registration document. V5C — current style of vehicle registration document that is uniform with all such documents in the European Union. VED for pre vehicles is currently rated at nil. I have bought a vehicle, but it has no papers, how do I get them? Assuming DVLA recognises the registration number, you complete a form V62 downloadable from the forms page at www.

Can I get a tax disc for a vehicle while I am waiting for my V5C to arrive? Until the late s, the vehicle registration system was based on paper records held by local authorities. From the mid s, registration records were transferred to a centralised computer system.

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Why insurers turn down claims It’s prompted Alfa’s parent company Fiat Chrysler to alter its online system to flag the proper history – and the rest of the industry is playing catch up. An ASA spokesman said: A spokesman for the Used Car Scandal campaign said:

The DVLA has previously revealed fake e-mails were sent to people last year, which had a link to a ‘secure web form’ that’s designed to collect personal information from unwitting recipients.

Classic Vehicle exemption extended A surprise announcement in the Budget document issued by HM Treasury alongside the Chancellor of Exchequer’s Budget statement to the House of Commons on Wednesday 20th March was the Government will extend the cut-off date from which classic vehicles are exempt from VED by one year. There is some time just over 12 months before this new exemption will begin to apply to classic cars that fall into this 12 month extension period, so there is time to clarify the details of the eligibility terms and the process by which a vehicle owner can apply to the DVLA for what is termed “historic vehicle” status.

See our report on the Budget Form INF34 sets out the requirements and process which is set out below. You can download a copy of INF34 on the www. Note you will not have to pay vehicle tax Vehicle Excise Duty or VED if you have a historic vehicle, but you must still tax and insure it every year and display a “nil value” tax disc. How do you tax your vehicle in the historic vehicle tax class The first time you tax a vehicle in the historic vehicle tax class you must do so by posting the documents to DVLA Swansea.

We await clarification from DVLA of their process for handling aplications to change vehicle status from PLG to “Historic” and whether that change of status can be included in an application to obtain a “nil value” tax disc at a local Post Office. At this stage it is not clear at all. DVLA local office closure The DVLA local offices were closed in the final three months of so the previous option of taking your documents there is no longer available.

The documents you will need to produce Vehicle registration certificate V5C – this must clearly show that the vehicle was made or first registered before 1st January

Registering a Classic Bike

Yet we have an even more important core commitment; to deliver the very highest standard of safety and quality in each and every car that carries the Lexus marque. So on rare occasions, we may take the decision to announce a voluntary customer service campaign or safety recall, to ensure those standards are never compromised. To find out if your vehicle has been affected by a recall, use the VIN look-up tool below.

An original logbook or MoT certificate(s) dated prior to or an insurance certificate If you have the log book, the Frame No. corresponding with the one on the machine A copy of DVLA Form V

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It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate and is not a substitute for regular maintenance. Records of test results are now held on a secure central database. All MOT testing stations have been connected to this central database. When your vehicle is tested at one of these computerised testing stations your test record will be entered onto this new database and you will receive a new style A4 in size certificate.

It shows the information that is held on the MOT database. The certificate is no longer proof of an MOT and should not be relied on as such.

Please note that DVLA is much tougher on this than they used to be; rubbings of parts of incomplete bikes will not be accepted for dating certificates anymore. regallen advert CSS advert2.

Post by Paul Dawkins on Jun 5, This proof should ideally be an old buff, or green, logbook. If neither is available then the following may also be considered at the discretion of the DVLA a pre tax disc or MOT certificate, or an extract from suitable approved archive records. If you can provide any of the above take the following steps.

If the mark is not listed ask for forms V ] www. Complete both forms and post them to the address below with full details of the machine including frame and engine numbers.

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See some of the reviews here. Always helpful Every time I contacted NN there was always someone there to give information or guide me to what I needed to know with politeness and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone, their service is 2nd to none. I would also say that Debby McCabe at after sales is a credit to the company. Very efficient service and friendly staff. Easy and uncomplicated transaction and money was paid into my account very quickly.

There is only one way around this and that is to have a dating certificate issued by a bone fide Owners Club unless the manufacturer is still trading. We are able to offer dating certificates for?35 (Suzuki GB charge?70 and can’t do a Beamish anyway!).

New guidelines mean you should have been told if a vehicle has been used as a hire car or part of a business fleet. Up to now, some dealerships have only admitted the true history of a vehicle if asked. The adjudication said customers could be misled. And they warned dealerships they are watching for similar cases. What is the problem? New rules mean second-hand car dealers have to be more careful Image:

What Is The Certificate Of Entitlement?