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Some scholars regard him as a Persian Gray, p. Both father and son were men of considerable distinction and social standing. Not only is it a valuable reference source for the culture of medieval Islam and the literary men who represented it, but it also gives precious information about the heritage of antiquity available to the Muslims. The Fehrest contains miscellaneous pieces of rare information. In many cases, our only information on certain early authors and their works comes from this book. Each discourse begins with a general introductory survey, as on the early stages of Arabic grammar ibid.

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Week , Calendar epoch , Month , Lunisolar calendar , and Computus The course of the Sun and the Moon are the most evident forms of timekeeping , and the year and lunation were most commonly used in pre-modern societies worldwide as time units. Nevertheless, the Roman calendar contained very ancient remnants of a pre-Etruscan month solar year. A large number of calendar systems which were based on the Babylonian calendar , and which were found in the Ancient Near East, date from the Iron Age.

Amongst such calendar systems was the calendar system of the Persian Empire, which in turn gave rise to the Zoroastrian calendar as well as the Hebrew calendar.

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Nasadiya Sukta Hymn of non-Eternity, origin of universe: There was neither non-existence nor existence then; Neither the realm of space, nor the sky which is beyond; What stirred? There was neither death nor immortality then; No distinguishing sign of night nor of day; That One breathed, windless, by its own impulse; Other than that there was nothing beyond. Darkness there was at first, by darkness hidden; Without distinctive marks, this all was water; That which, becoming, by the void was covered; That One by force of heat came into being; Who really knows?

Who will here proclaim it? Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation? Gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe. Who then knows whence it has arisen? Whether God’s will created it, or whether He was mute; Perhaps it formed itself, or perhaps it did not; Only He who is its overseer in highest heaven knows, Only He knows, or perhaps He does not know. The Adityas , Vasus, Rudras, Sadhyas, Ashvins , Maruts , Rbhus , and the Vishvadevas “all-gods” as well as the “thirty-three gods” are the groups of deities mentioned.

Mandala 1 comprises hymns.

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Early influence Among the major differences between the Islamic philosophers and Aristotle are the questions of the eternity or creation of the world, the nature of Being and a real-world distinction between essence and existence. The ninth-century philosopher al-Kindi used Aristotle, in Arabic translations, as a base for his own philosophical works. Among other works, al-Kindi wrote one treatise specifically dealing with Aristotle, Fi kammiya kutub Aristutalis wa ma yahtaj ilahi fi tahsil al-falsafa The Quantity of the Books of Aristotle and What is Required for the Acquisition of Philosophy.

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The study of ancient games relies on archeological material which is supplemented by data from epigraphic and iconographic sources, and direct evidence is lacking in most cases. This is due to the perishable nature of the material, such as textile, leather, and wood, which was used in making the artifacts, as well as because of the fact that often the games were simply drawn on the ground. Ethnography can help reconstruct some games, since many of them are still played nowadays Watson, pp.

Despite their popularity, the names and the rules of ancient games remain unknown. Another major problem for the study of ancient games is the identification of the material as gaming material. Board games consist of a surface usually structured by a geometrical pattern rows of holes or squares, grids of lines, etc.

This makes it often difficult, if not impossible, to determine whether a board has been used as a game board or as a board for calculation see, for example, the clay tablet measuring 6. These functions are not mutually exclusive: Toys, sometimes evoked in games studies, also raise questions of identification, but they are not dealt with here. The game of 20 squares. The form of the wooden board and the order of the individual spaces or fields follow the earlier examples from the royal cemetery at Ur Woolley, , pp.

Many boards have the forth, the eighth, and the last field of the central aisle marked by a cross or another symbol. Three other fragmentary boards of this type have been unearthed at Susa and are preserved in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The fragment from Ville Royale at Susa has been misinterpreted when drawn for the final report Mecquenem, , fig.

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Der Film startete bereits am Der Film startet am kommenden Donnerstag, den Dezember, bundesweit in den deutschen Kinos. Kad Merad , einem Musiker, der von einer Schule in einem Pariser Vorort angestellt wird, um einer Orchesterklasse das Geigenspielen beizubringen.

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